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Stock market naysayers paint an incomplete picture

Some in the financial media say a stock market correction is inevitable. That prediction is intriguing, but it has a few subtle, yet gaping holes. Are we standing at the precipice after a strong uphill climb in the world of investing, or does it just seem that way to...

Your Investments Might Not Be That Important

Many people weigh the success of their financial life entirely on the performance of their investment or retirement accounts. In the past, the world of financial advice revolved around what funds or stocks to pick and when to buy or sell. I’d like to share an idea...

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About the Blog

The Wealth Navigator is a financial blog that was created in 2015 to provide pertinent, yet digestible wealth management tips for the average, everyday person. You don’t need to have a PhD in finance or a Series 7 license to understand the posts in our blog. Yet, the strategies covered can provide immense value to readers when implemented.

The blog primarily focuses on the following wealth management topics:

  • Retirement Planning (withdrawal strategies, investing near retirement, Social Security analysis, and Medicare planning)
  • Investment Management (behavioral finance, diversification, markets)
  • Tax Planning (tax-reduction strategies, tax-loss harvesting, charitable giving strategies, etc.)
  • Risk Management (life insurance, long-term care concerns, long-term disability)
  • Estate Planning (generational planning, estate tax reduction strategies, wills/trusts/powers of attorney)

Joe Allaria, a Partner and Wealth Advisor with CarsonAllaria Wealth Management, and a primary writer for the blog, has been featured in several financial publications, including; The Wall Street Journal,, Nasdaq,, Yahoo Finance, and Investopedia.