We believe in low-cost, evidence-based, global investment management.

Investment Management Services

Our investment services include portfolios that are carefully designed to help investors improve returns, reduce risk, and achieve their unique financial objectives. We believe in a simple, 4-part investment philosophy that includes keeping costs low, diversifying globally, limiting taxes, and improving investor behavior.

1.) Keeping Costs Low

It’s been proven that investments with lower costs have a track record of providing higher returns. Therefore, we strive to not only offer competitive pricing for our advisory services, but to also recommend investments with low internal costs, including low-cost mutual funds and ETFs.

2.) Diversifying Globally

We believe, and it has been academically proven, that no one can accurately and consistently predict the best performing asset class or sector over a long period of time. We also believe over-concentrating in one sector or asset class can lead to unnecessary risk.

That is why we maintain a healthy level of diversification in all of our model portfolios, which include large cap, small caps, domestic, international, and emerging markets holdings.

3.) Minimizing Taxes

Taxes can result from capital gains and/or dividends, and higher taxes can be likened to higher fees. Higher fees typically mean lower returns.

To reduce the impact of taxes for our clients, we recommend investments with low turnover and implement strategies like tax-loss harvesting to keep taxes to a minimum.

4.) Improving Investor Behavior

We have a strong belief that good investor behavior is the most impactful component of any good, long-term investment outcome.

Part of successful investing involves the discipline to not make any knee-jerk reactions, like selling investments at a loss. We believe another key is to create a plan first and let your plan dictate your investment choices.

As markets fluctuate, it’s important that you’re able to properly evaluate your plan and that you are confident enough to stick to it.

That’s why we spend so much time with clients on building a thorough financial plan and educating on what it takes to be a successful investor.

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