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Clarity Through Retirement Planning

with Mark Allaria, CFP®

Retirement can bring a lot of excitement, but can trigger anxiety as well. Major issues like Social Security, Medicare, retirement income planning, and the risk of a long-term care event require careful thought. But, a solid plan can help provide clarity and confidence in your financial future.

Managing Emotions in Volatile Markets

with Scott Carson, AIF® 

Managing your emotions during volatile markets can be difficult, and the financial media certainly doesn’t help. Investors should remember, though, that short-term decisions can have lasting, long-term effects. Also, a good investment policy is one that is long-term, goal-focused, and planning-driven.

Are Annuities Bad Investments?

with Joe Allaria, CFP®

Annuities start become a common term for those that are retired or planning to retire soon. While some annuities have undesirable characteristics like high fees and low liquidity, the truth is there are so many types of annuities that

What Makes Us Different

with Scott Carson, AIF® | Mark Allaria, CFP® | Joe Allaria, CFP®

What makes us different is that we approach everything we do from a planning perspective. We believe everybody needs a financial blueprint. We also believe retirees should not have to go searching for a new advisor in the middle of their retirement, which is why we’ve built a credentialed, multi-generational team of advisors to assist our clients. 

Coordinating Your Estate Plan

with Scott Carson, AIF®, CEPA

Speaking to an estate planning attorney to discuss what your needs are is important at any stage of your life. Do you need a will or a trust? Should you have a power of attorney? Whether you have a young family or getting ready to retire, there are unique challenges that you should discuss and evaluate. 

Financial Media & Volatile Markets

with Joe Allaria, CFP®

Volatile markets can cause stress and anxiety for investors. Those emotions seem to be compounded by the financial media, who are not fiduciaries required to act in the best interest of investors. They are motivated to increase their own bottom line often times by magnifying crises and spreading fear.

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