Corporate Retirement Plans

We provide smart retirement plan solutions for small and mid-sized businesses.
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One-on-one participant support

Group education meetings for your employees

Quarterly investment committee meetings

Meeting minutes documented

Provider fee negotiation and ongoing fee monitoring

Employee financial planning education

Investment policy statement creation

Investment due diligence reports

Compliance review of plan procedures

Win Employees Over with a Sound Retirement Plan

Your corporate retirement plan exists to benefit the people that make your company what it is – your employees. We take a vested interest with you to see that you and your employees have access to a plan that fits your needs. Our smart solutions can help build retirement plans that attract and retain key personnel. We believe in listening to you in order to learn what your goals are for your retirement plan. Then, we create and work with you to implement simple, yet transparent retirement plan strategies.
We Listen
We Evaluate
We Create

Provider Analysis

In a world where vendors are incentivized to sell a product, our only incentive is to put our plan sponsors in a position to make more informed decisions. We have the experience and tools to confirm your plan’s service providers are delivering the highest quality products and services at the most competitive total plan cost. One of the primary drivers of our process is to act as, and to train plan sponsors on how to act as the ultimate fiduciary for plan participants.

Plan Design

We work with plan sponsors to develop a plan design that meets your organization’s unique objectives while also maintaining DOL and IRS regulatory requirements (such as cross-testing and ensuring that you are not discriminating illegally against certain classes of employees). We help plan sponsors and owners accomplish their specific goals around the amount of benefits they’d like to provide their employees. Our team also provides guidance to help ensure your organization will have competitive benefits compared to your peers.

Fiduciary Guidance

Certain individuals in your organization have personal liability for the assets in your employer-sponsored retirement plan and, therefore, must understand their fiduciary responsibilities and the necessary tasks to fulfill them.  We help plan sponsors navigate their fiduciary requirements and complete the appropriate action steps for compliance, allowing your organization to protect individuals that have fiduciary exposure.

Employee Experience

Your employer-sponsored retirement plan is a great tool that allows you to reward tenure, provide your employees with free money, and incentivize good behaviors. For many, it will likely become their biggest savings asset. However, we realize that merely providing a tool and educating your employees about the existence of the benefit is not enough. We go beyond the traditional 401(k) / 403(b) “investment-only” speak and we coach your employees toward identifying and implementing appropriate financial behaviors.

Investment Analysis

Selecting and monitoring the plan’s investment options is not only a serious fiduciary task, but it can greatly impact your participants’ outcome.  Assuming fiduciary liability either as a 3(38) Investment Manager or 3(21) co-fiduciary advisor, we’ll work with your retirement plan committee to identify and monitor investment options that may be suitable for your participants and allow them to control their risk while increasing the likelihood of achieving their retirement goals.