The Retirement Power Hour is designed to help listeners “invest wiser” and “retire better.” Join host Joe Allaria as he and guests discuss various retirement topics and concerns that many share as they build toward, prepare for, or make the leap into retirement. Welcome to the show!

Retirement Income with David Blanchett

(Recorded on 06/16/22)

On this episode, Joe Allaria welcomes David Blanchett, Managing Director and Head of Retirement Research for PGIM DC Solutions. David is a respected voice in the financial industry and has published over 100 papers in a variety of industry and academic journals. Joe and David will discuss hot topics around retirement income, including annuities, bonds, interest rates, and inflation, and steps retirees can take to improve their financial success in retirement.

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Designing Your Retirement Life

(Recorded on 05/05/22)

Host Joe Allaria and special guest Scott Carson, Senior Wealth Advisor for CarsonAllaria Wealth Management, discuss the benefits of reframing your mind around retirement, building your lifestyle allocation, and designing your retirement life to maximize your satisfaction and fulfillment. 

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Bear Market Strategies

(Recorded on 04/06/22)

Bear markets are tough to endure and can leave investors that are committed to long-term investing feeling a bit handcuffed. But, while bear markets are uncomfortable, they can also present unique financial planning opportunities that may help investors soften the blow and minimize the negative effects of steep market declines.

On this episode, host Joe Allaria will be joined by fellow Wealth Advisor, Jay Waters, as the two discuss five useful strategies to consider during a bear market.

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Investing in a Crisis

(Recorded on 03/11/22)

Times of heightened uncertainty, whether as a result of geopolitical tensions, inflation concerns, interest rate concerns, or anything else, can make it difficult for investors to stay the course. Stock market volatility and negative headlines give the impression that you should be doing something. Poor investor behavior begins to emerge and the average investor can easily lose thousands (or more) from poor decisions. On this episode, host Joe Allaria is joined by brother, Wealth Advisor, and CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional, Mark Allaria, as the two discuss keys to investing in a crisis by properly managing your behavior.

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Why You Shouldn’t Worry About Retirement

(Recorded on 02/15/22)

So many voices in finance are constantly telling you that you should worry. They say you should worry about the stock market, about Social Security, about inflation, and many other things. But, this episode is all about why you shouldn’t worry. Tune in as Joe Allaria welcomes guest and co-host Mark Allaria as the two discuss the importance of focusing on what you can control, getting a plan, taking prudent action, but then letting the rest go.

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2021 Market Review + What’s Next

(Recorded on 01/17/22)

At the beginning of every year, we see stock market predictions being released by financial institutions, fund managers, financial media personnel, and other financial “experts.” Most of these predictions end up being wildly inaccurate, yet they keep being made, and many keep listening. Watch Joe Allaria and Jay Waters as they discuss what happened in the stock market in 2021 and how that compared to the predictions made.

Smart Charitable Giving

(Recorded on 12/19/21)

We strongly encourage supporting charitable organizations, and we also know that donors often miss tax planning opportunities when they give. While tax benefits aren’t typically the primary reason for giving, most of our clients would still prefer to receive the most tax advantages as possible as a result of their giving. This webcast covers multiple strategies that are highly useful for charitable giving.

Overcoming Uncertainty With Conservative Planning

(Recorded on 10/28/21)

Inflation, market risks, and Social Security are just a few of the unknown factors in retirement planning that can cause added anxiety. On this month’s episode of The Retirement Power Hour, we explored how to hedge against these factors with conservative planning and assumptions. Tune in to hear from Mark Allaria, CFP® and Joe Allaria, CFP® to learn more about how we put this concept into practice for our clients.

EQ Over IQ When Investing

(Recorded on 09/30/21)

The ups and downs of investing can cause some investors to experience “market fatigue.” It’s not always our balances that get beat down, but our emotions, which is why a high level of EQ (or emotional intelligence) can be more beneficial than a high IQ. Join us as Joe Allaria is joined by fellow Wealth Advisor and Co-Founder of CarsonAllaria Wealth Management, Scott Carson, as they share their thoughts and experiences around emotional intelligence and investing.

Annuities: Are They Good or Bad?

(Recorded on 08/26/21)

Annuities hold an interesting place in the financial world. Some people love them. Some hate them! So, are annuities good or are they bad? The truth is that because there are so many different types of annuities, they cannot all be characterized as either good or bad. Each annuity should be evaluated with a few key criteria, which will cover in this episode of The Retirement Power Hour.

Inflation, Inflation, Inflation: How to Not Let it Defeat You

(Recorded on 07/29/21)

Inflation has become a big concern in 2021. Tune in to learn what inflation could mean for you and ways to position your portfolio against inflation, including how to hedge your risk and capitalize on opportunities ahead.

Medicare 101: Learn the Basics

(Recorded on 06/24/21)

Despite over 60 million Americans being covered under Medicare, it is still widely misunderstood. In this webcast, we will cover the basics of Medicare, including who’s covered, how it works, how to enroll, and when you need to take action. Tune in to get up to speed on Medicare.

College Savings: Is a 529 Right For Your Child?

(Recorded on 05/06/21)

College tuition and other expenses can became a large hurdle for those nearing retirement. While 529 college savings plans are a popular way to cover this expense, is it really the best? Tune in to this month’s Retirement Power Hour to hear about some other potential options for covering your child’s college expenses.

Identity Theft: 15 Ways to Protect Yourself

(Recorded on 04/26/21)

Cybersecurity may not often be included as part of wealth management, but poor practices could lead to significant financial loss. However, many cases of identity theft can be prevented with prudent practices and security measures.

Getting on Track for Retirement with 5 Small Changes

(Recorded on 03/22/21)

Big results don’t always require big action. In this webinar, we share 5 little things you can do that can have a BIG impact on your retirement success.

Is the 60/40 Portfolio Dead?

(Recorded on 02/25/21)

Portfolios with 60% stocks and 40% bonds have been a staple of investing for the last few decades, but many think these portfolios could face major challenges in the next several years. With interest rates near historic lows, successful bond investing could look much different in the future. Join Joe Allaria as he discusses what it will take to overcome these challenges (also featuring input from a PIMCO Investments bond specialist).

5 Financial Impacts of the Democrat Blue Wave

(Recorded 01/28/2021)

Democrats swept the 2020 elections, which means investors are evaluating how that could impact their portfolios, taxes, and overall economic recovery. Watch as Mark Allaria and Joe Allaria discuss a few key things to think about. (NOTE: This is a financial webinar, not a political webinar. No personal political opinions discussed)

2020 Market Review + What’s Next

(Recorded 12/17/2020)

The financial markets have seen a fair share of ups and downs in 2020, so we’ll take a look at how the year has finished up. Plus, we’ll share what’s being said about 2021 and we’ll tell you if you should be taking these predictions into consideration.

5 Tax-Savvy Moves for Your Brokerage Account

(Recorded 11/19/2020)

Brokerage accounts combine the growth potential of stocks and mutual funds with the liquidity of a savings account. While growth can be a good thing, it can also cause unintended tax consequences. If your brokerage account is of significant size, a brokerage account can become a metaphorical ticking tax time bomb.

9 Possible Slices of Your Investment Pie

(Recorded 10/29/2020)

There are many kinds of investments to choose from when building a portfolio. In fact, it can be overwhelming for some. So how do you choose the right combination for you? How much large cap should you have vs. small cap? What is the difference? How much of your portfolio should be in U.S. stocks vs. international stocks?

How Will the 2020 Election Impact the Stock Market?

(Recorded 09/24/2020)

There is nothing quite like a global pandemic and presidential election happening in the same year, but 2020 pulled it off! In this webinar, we’re going to cover some considerations investors may want to make as we approach November, while also taking a look at how past elections have impacted the stock market.

3 Unique Ways to Maximize the Benefits of Tax Deferral

(Recorded 08/27/2020)

Tax deferral is a powerful tool of financial planning that can help your investments grow faster over time with the help of compound interest. But, how can you take advantage? Well, there are the traditional methods of contributing to your 401(k), Roth IRA, etc., but what if you’ve already maxed out those methods?

In this webinar, we cover how 3 ways to get creative in deferring taxes, hopefully helping you accumulate wealth more quickly!

How to Get Non-Employer Health Insurance Without Paying an Arm and a Leg

(Recorded 07/30/2020)

Getting health insurance can be quite expensive for those that retire prior to age 65, when Medicare kicks in. In this webinar, we’ll talk about how to use the tools and resources available to get the most coverage for the lowest price in those years leading to age 65, including:

– Coverage available through the exchange
– Insurance premium subsidies available through the Affordable Care Act
– Non-traditional health insurance coverage options

11 Financial Lessons from the COVID-19 Pandemic

(Recorded 07/02/2020)

We may not be completely “out of the woods” when it comes to the COVID-19 Pandemic, but the wild market and economic events of the first half of 2020 have revealed some important financial lessons that are worth thinking about. Join us to gain wisdom and perspective that can lead to better financial outcomes.

This webinar is part of a monthly series designed to equip investors to make better financial decisions, especially during the COVID-19 recovery. We will discuss tactical strategies and behavioral practices on how to do so.

How to Free Yourself from Financial Anxiety

(Recorded 05/28/2020)

Investing, retirement planning, and taxes can be confusing enough during normal times, let alone during a pandemic. In this webcast, we will share a few simple tactics to increase your confidence, increase the clarity you have on your financial situation, and reduce your financial anxiety.

This webinar is part of a 6-part series designed to equip investors to make better financial decisions during the COVID-19 Recovery. We will discuss tactical strategies and behavioral practices on how to do so.

What Should I Do With My 401(k)?

(Recorded 05/01/2020)

One of the most popular financial Google searches during this crisis is “what should I do with my 401(k)?” This could be due to investors being unsure about their investment philosophy or perhaps it is due to the massive amount of layoffs that have occurred. Either way, don’t rush into a decision on either front before understanding the following important items:

– What is your investment time horizon?
– What are your long-term retirement goals?
– If laid off, have you evaluated the pros and cons of a 401(k) vs. an IRA?
– If laid off, be aware of conducting a rollover in a volatile environment
– Much more as well…

What Investors Must Know About The CARES Act

(Recorded 04/24/2020)

The CARES Act (Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security Act) was passed as part of a historic stimulus package to help ease the burden of the Coronavirus pandemic. While a major part of the bill included payments to Americans, there are several other items that investors need to know about.

Opportunities in a Bear Market

(Recorded 04/09/2020)

Bear markets can be difficult to endure for investors, but they also present opportunities that can help minimize the negative impact, and even provide positive results long-term.

Market Update: 04/03/2020

This live webinar provides an updated outlook on Q2, the rest of 2020, and beyond. We’ll also discuss the CARES Act, how it impacts 401(k) participants and employers offering 401(k) plans, and strategies that individual investors can be taking advantage of right now.

Market Update: 03/27/2020

On this webinar, we discuss what initial market and economic projections look like and how investors can gain perspective during an especially volatile time. You’ll also hear information about Fed intervention and the historic $2 Trillion stimulus package.

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